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  • Friends in our Rock Bay neighborhood - explore the local

    The Rock Bay area of Victoria is quickly transforming itself into the focal point for the creative industry in Victoria. The Gabriel Ross showroom at 2500 Rock Bay Avenue is a big part of this change and we are happy and excited to recommend local businesses in the area.

    Over the coming weeks we will be highlighting some of our favourite businesses. First up is LUZ Studios, a Victoria photography studio that offers studio and exhibition space, amazing classes and workshops and retreats.


    IMG_1279 Copyright 2015 LUZ Studios



    LUZ Studios:   LUZ Studios' workshops and classes on photography, historic and alternative processes, bookmaking, non-toxic printmaking and more, are carefully crafted to facilitate opportunities and experiences that bring more creativity and new skills into their client’s lives and art making.

    Luz Studios


    Stayed tuned for more cool local recommendations in the Rock Bay area.

    Experience our beautiful Gabriel Ross showroom at 2500 Rock Bay Avenue, at the corner of Bay Street and Rock Bay Avenue.

    At we are always adding new items to our website. Check out the latest additions at the New Products page.

  • gets a makeover: now grshop!

    No, we weren't ambushed by our friends and family on a reality show called "What not to Wear Online"... Sometimes, you just want a fresh new look. We are also always striving to offer more to our customers - product selection and shopping experience wise and our new site is just that: bright, shiny and packed with additional features and functionality.

    Check out the new site and stay tuned for future posts highlighting specific new features and how they'll improve your next visit to

    Many thanks to our uber talented friends at Meade Design Group for their invaluable work on this project. Visit their website here.

  • Gabriel Ross' Very Own Bicycle

    I want to ride my bicycle ... i want to ride my bike ... I want to ride my bicycle ...

    Queen is right. I do want to ride my bicycle, but the snow falling in Victoria is not helping me out in this department. My hat is tipped to those die hard riders that I have seen over the past few days persevering through the slush and ice. What has inspired my cycle craze? Well... this:

    Custom bike by Troy Woodburn, Pro City Cycle

    When I arrived to work this week, this beauty had appeared in the showroom. It's a beautiful bike from afar, but up close, it's exquisite.

    Custom built by Troy Woodburn of Pro City Cycle, this bike is really more "art" than a bicycle ... there are several hand made wooden parts including the seat post and the handlebars (and many others that I won't pretend to know the name of!).

    The bike has our name on it, so I hope this means that it's here to stay - I think it fits in well with our Cassina Nest sofa and the Corbusier LC1 chairs.

    If you would like to see this work of art in person, drop by our showroom at 2500 Rock Bay Avenue, and if you'd like to meet the creator, find him at Pro City Cycle at 338 Catherine Street.

    Visit Pro City Cycle's website, here.
    Contact us, here.

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