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Planning your outdoor landscape lighting

Many of you are still buried in ice and snow and the thought of heading outdoors hasn't quite entered your consciousness yet but Summer will come and it is fun to plan ahead. Add the finishing touch to your exterior spaces with well-planned outdoor landscape lighting.

Vibia Halley Floor-to-Floor Outdoor Lamp The Vibia Halley Floor-to-Floor Outdoor Lamp works Just like a comet, radiating an arc of light that creates a relaxing and comfortable environment. The slim form of the Halley is made from highly durable yet lightweight materials making it easy to move and assemble while meeting the highest standards of quality and durability.


There is a wide range of lighting fixtures available for nearly every outdoor situation, including wall fixtures, sconces, portable lamps, chandeliers and pendants and large standing lights. While lighting can be placed virtually anywhere, some spots are an absolute must.

Paths: A well-lit path is both welcoming and required, providing illumination that extends hospitality to visitors and makes walking more secure. High illumination isn't necessary and down facing lights will prevent glare.

4100_ambiente The Vibia Break Outdoor Lamp could pass as a sculpture. The form is that of a vertical block with a head that appears to separate, leaving open a small slit through which the beam of light emerges. This provides pleasant, subtle lighting that allows you to enjoy the outdoors and its forms in the evening with non-disturbing glare. It can be used to mark paths or illuminate smaller spaces.

The Vibia Break Lamp is available in two sizes and two finish options. Made of concrete. The Vibia Break Lamp is available in two sizes and two finish options. Made of concrete.


Entries: Place lights either to each side of a door or overhead at front, back and side entry doors.

The Foscarini Havana Outdoor Lamp Outdoor lamp made of a single rotational moulded piece in white polyethylene. The structure is available in the version with a stake, with underground box or with repositionable base. The Foscarini Havana Outdoor Lamp is made of a single rotational molded piece of white polyethylene. The lamp is available in three base options: with a stake, with an underground box or with a repositionable base.


Driveway: Low-voltage landscape lighting is a good option along a driveway.

Vibia Meridiano Outdoor LED Wall Sconce Lamp The Vibia Meridiano Outdoor LED Wall Sconce Lamp is a great choice to light driveways and entrance areas. It grazes the wall creating interesting highlights and shadows.


Steps: Steps should be lighted for safety; either the risers or the treads can be lit.

Vibia Tree 4005-03 Outdoor Lamp Tree is a family of outdoor lamps for ambient illumination on an over sized scale. The organic shapes are contrasted by the materials allowing the tree to blend in and yet stand out at the same time. The tree is available in four size made of UV resistant polythene diffuser with white lacquered base. Tree is bolted to the surface (hardware not included) and is powered by a cord and plug. Equipped with 70 inches of black cord. The Vibia Tree Outdoor Lamp is a family of outdoor lamps designed for ambient illumination. The organic shapes allow the Tree to blend in and yet stand out at the same time. The tree is available in four sizes and shapes and consists of a UV resistant polythene diffuser with a white lacquered base.


Decks or Patios: Lighting can be used to illuminate specific task areas on a deck or patio, such as a kitchen or cooking spot, a pool or hot tub, as well as railings and seating areas.

foscarini-solar-outdoor-floor-lamp-1 The Foscarini Solar Outdoor Floor Lamp is a contemporary hearth around which to gather and chat. The top surface finish has a rusty and textured effect and the hemispherical body, made of polyethylene, is stable even when it is tilted by 15°. The angling determines the quantity of light diffused, allowing multiple effects and atmospheres to be created.

s2_1 The Flos SuperArchimoon Outdoor Lamp, designed by Philippe Starck, is an amazing "extra large" oversized floor lamp. The imposing size of the amazing Superarchimoon Floor Lamp is perfect for larger deck spaces, a fresh and brilliant floor lamp which clearly stands out.

The Artemide Tolomeo Lantern Outdoor Hook Lamp The Artemide Tolomeo Lantern Outdoor Hook Lamp is one of the more flexible use outdoor lamps available and a new addition to the popular Tolomeo Lighting Series. The light source recalls the design of old lampposts and is enclosed in a diffusing cap fitted inside a transparent IP65 plastic unit, for direct and diffused lighting. The Tolomeo Lantern is available in floor, hook and suspension styles.


Architectural Features: Outdoor landscape lighting can be used to highlight a wall, for example, by washing it or grazing it. When a wide beam of light is aimed at a wall from a few feet away, it creates a wall wash. A light used to graze a wall creates interesting highlights and shadows. Both will provide a little accent to nearby plants.

vibia_micro_outdoor_wall_fixture_b The Vibia Micro Outdoor Wall Lamp is a compact surface-mounted wall light for indoor and outdoor use. It gives good general indirect ambient light that washing over wall surfaces.


When it comes to lighting your landscape, a little goes a long way. That's because your eyes need less light outdoors than they do indoors in order to see light, shadow, and pattern. To plan your outdoor lighting project walk around your yard at night, envision how and when you want to use your spaces. Make notes and draw up some plans. and Gabriel Ross have over sixty choices of outdoor lighting to help you expand and complete your outdoor spaces.

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