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Herman Miller Nelson™ Marshmallow Sofa


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Starting at: $5,125.00 CAD
$5,125.00 CAD


The playful Marshmallow Sofa is a landmark of modern design that's still turning heads and making people smile. The cushions can be all the same color or in multiple colors for the right look in a private office, lobby, lounge, living room, or den. This upholstered MORE INFO

Product Options

  • Allspice [3P72 Colorguard]
  • Beige [3P58 Colorguard]
  • Black [3P14 Colorguard]
  • Black Plum [3P12 Colorguard]
  • Blueberry [3P08 Colorguard]
  • Bucksuede [3PC7 Colorguard]
  • Burgundy [3P17 Colorguard]
  • Camelback [3P93 Colorguard]
  • Candy Apple [3P54 Colorguard]
  • Coal [3P09 Colorguard]
  • Deep Clay [3P66 Colorguard]
  • Fudge [3P97 Colorguard]
  • Green Tea [3P90 Colorguard]
  • Grey [3P01 Colorguard]
  • Horizon Blue [3P31 Colorguard]
  • Jade [3P04 Colorguard]
  • Manzanita [3P96 Colorguard]
  • Natural [3P05 Colorguard]
  • Navy [3P02 Colorguard]
  • Neptune [3PB9 Colorguard]
  • New Burgundy [3P15 Colorguard]
  • Otter [3PD4 Colorguard]
  • Pumice [3P33 Colorguard]
  • Sea Grass [3PB2 Colorguard]
  • Slate [3P19 Colorguard]
  • Spruce [3P03 Colorguard]
  • Vizcaya Palm [3PB5 Colorguard]
DesignerHerman Miller
  • Recycled Polyester100%
  • Licorice 9201
  • Smoke 9203
  • Cherry 9207
  • Claret 9209
  • Raisin 9212
  • Aquamarine 9218
  • Cadet 9223
  • Beachglass 9241
  • Midnight 9243
  • Artichoke 9244
  • Warm White 9248
  • Stone 9249
  • Earth 9250
  • Fog 9251
  • Slate Grey 9252
  • Yellow Dark 9253
  • Coral 9254
  • Blush Grey 9255
  • Wild Berry 9256
  • Clover 9257
  • Caribbean 9258
  • Cerulean 9259
  • Brownstone 9260
  • Shale 9261
  • Graphite 9262
  • Tomato 9263
  • Green Apple 9264
DesignerHerman Miller
  • Leather100%
  • Ivory 2101
  • Black 2109
  • Smoke 2110
  • Graphite 2111
  • Khaki 2112
  • Rattan 2113
  • Truffle 2114
  • Alpine 2115
  • Haze 2116
  • Sable Grey 2117
  • Dark Mineral 2118
  • Dark Carbon 2119
  • Cranberry 2120
  • Deep Sea 2121
  • Magnolia VZ10
  • Bone VZ11
  • Eggshell VZ12
  • Honeydew VZ13
  • Parchment VZ14
  • Caramel VZ15
  • Camel VZ16
  • Tan VZ17
  • Saddle VZ18
  • Orange VZ19
  • Persimmon VZ20
  • Russet VZ21
  • Cherry VZ22
  • Chateau VZ23
  • Avocado VZ24
  • Clover VZ25
  • Sage VZ26
  • Teak VZ27
  • Lagoon VZ28
  • Spirit VZ29
  • Grape VZ30
  • Indigo VZ31
  • Fawn VZ32
  • Safari VZ33
  • Deep Earth VZ34
  • Chocolate VZ35
  • Cocoa VZ36
  • Baked Bean [VB06 All-Grain]
  • Balsa [VB18 All-Grain]
  • Black [VB05 All-Grain]
  • Blue Jeans [VB09 All-Grain]
  • Burnt Orange [VB14 All-Grain]
  • Butter [VB12 All-Grain]
  • Cherry [VB13 All-Grain]
  • Cloud [VB03 All-Grain]
  • Daffodil [VB27 All-Grain]
  • Greige [VB21 All-Grain]
  • Iris [VB26 All-Grain]
  • Latte [VB22 All-Grain]
  • Merlot [VB10 All-Grain]
  • Mildew [VB07 All-Grain]
  • Naturale [VB19 All-Grain]
  • Nutmeg [VB11 All-Grain]
  • Pitch Brown [VB01 All-Grain]
  • Raw Silk [VB17 All-Grain]
  • Rose [VB24 All-Grain]
  • Shadow [VB04 All-Grain]
  • Soot [VB08 All-Grain]
  • Whiskey [VB15 All-Grain]
  • White [VB02 All-Grain]
  • Zinnia [VB25 All-Grain]
  • Black [VC18 Dream Cow]
  • Brownie [VC19 Dream Cow]
  • Cement [VC33 Dream Cow]
  • Chamois [VC10 Dream Cow]
  • Chocolate Pudding [VC16 Dream Cow]
  • Cola [VC14 Dream Cow]
  • Concrete [VC35 Dream Cow]
  • Curry [VC20 Dream Cow]
  • Deep Green [VC03 Dream Cow]
  • Flagstone [VC39 Dream Cow]
  • Fresh Snow [VC28 Dream Cow]
  • Fudge [VC15 Dream Cow]
  • Granite [VC04 Dream Cow]
  • Gray Suit [VC05 Dream Cow]
  • Lemongrass [VC29 Dream Cow]
  • Liberty Blue [VC01 Dream Cow]
  • Lichen [VC40 Dream Cow]
  • Limestone [VC37 Dream Cow]
  • Palestone [VC31 Dream Cow]
  • Paprika [VC25 Dream Cow]
  • Pebbles [VC09 Dream Cow]
  • Purple Shadow [VC27 Dream Cow]
  • Rose Petals [VC22 Dream Cow]
  • Rouge [VC06 Dream Cow]
  • Russet [VC17 Dream Cow]
  • Sandstone [VC34 Dream Cow]
  • Sediment [VC32 Dream Cow]
  • Shale [VC38 Dream Cow]
  • Soft Green [VC02 Dream Cow]
  • Stone Wall [VC11 Dream Cow]
  • Tile Blue [VC24 Dream Cow]
  • Travertine [VC36 Dream Cow]
  • Vino Novo [VC07 Dream Cow]
  • Waffles [VC12 Dream Cow]
  • Wet Sand [VC13 Dream Cow]
  • Winter White [VC08 Dream Cow]
  • Cobalt Blue [VE15 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Hurricane [VE08 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Indian Summer [VE03 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • London Fog [VE11 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Milky Way [VE06 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Moon Shadow [VE10 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Morning Haze [VE07 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Northern Lights [VE05 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Northstar [VE09 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Pitch Brown [VE16 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Silver Lining [VE04 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Smog [VE13 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Snowbeam [VE12 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Storm [VE02 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Sunrise [VE01 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • Winter Sky [VE14 Metallic Dream Cow]
  • African Parrot [VR40 Royal Hide]
  • Balsa [VR08 Royal Hide]
  • Bay Brown [VR32 Royal Hide]
  • Black Coffee [VR50 Royal Hide]
  • Black Perforated [VR28 Royal Hide]
  • Black [VR27 Royal Hide]
  • Blue Bird [VR12 Royal Hide]
  • Blue Cheese [VR55 Royal Hide]
  • Blue Heron [VR46 Royal Hide]
  • Blue Jay [VR44 Royal Hide]
  • Bourbon [VR02 Royal Hide]
  • Bronze [VR35 Royal Hide]
  • Camel [VR20 Royal Hide]
  • Carbon [VR09 Royal Hide]
  • Cat Bird [VR38 Royal Hide]
  • Claret [VR30 Royal Hide]
  • Coal Ash [VR60 Royal Hide]
  • Cobalt Blue [VR64 Royal Hide]
  • Cornflower [VR52 Royal Hide]
  • Dead White [VR16 Royal Hide]
  • Espresso [VR03 Royal Hide]
  • Evergreen [VR33 Royal Hide]
  • Fire Red [VR17 Royal Hide]
  • Flame [VR66 Royal Hide]
  • Golden Eagle [VR39 Royal Hide]
  • Gold [VR37 Royal Hide]
  • Greige [VR29 Royal Hide]
  • Indigo [VR23 Royal Hide]
  • Leaf [VR67 Royal Hide]
  • Lemon [VR75 Royal Hide]
  • Moss [VR57 Royal Hide]
  • Naturale [VR14 Royal Hide]
  • Ocean [VR54 Royal Hide]
  • Off White [VR04 Royal Hide]
  • Paleface [VR26 Royal Hide]
  • Palomino [VR24 Royal Hide]
  • Paper Bag [VR34 Royal Hide]
  • Pewter [VR36 Royal Hide]
  • Plane Blue [VR53 Royal Hide]
  • Polar Bear [VR15 Royal Hide]
  • Purplish [VR61 Royal Hide]
  • Pussy Willow [VR51 Royal Hide]
  • Putty [VR07 Royal Hide]
  • Quail [VR45 Royal Hide]
  • Raw Silk [VR01 Royal Hide]
  • Rich Blue [VR69 Royal Hide]
  • Roadrunner [VR47 Royal Hide]
  • Rum [VR18 Royal Hide]
  • Safari [VR22 Royal Hide]
  • Sand [VR13 Royal Hide]
  • Sparrow [VR43 Royal Hide]
  • Spring Leaves [VR56 Royal Hide]
  • Stone [VR25 Royal Hide]
  • Sun Baked [VR68 Royal Hide]
  • Super White [VR74 Royal Hide]
  • Swamp [VR62 Royal Hide]
  • Taupe [VR19 Royal Hide]
  • Tea [VR49 Royal Hide]
  • Toffee [VR31 Royal Hide]
  • True Blue [VR71 Royal Hide]
  • Verde Gris [VR58 Royal Hide]
  • Wagon Red [VR59 Royal Hide]
  • Winter Wheat [VR48 Royal Hide]
  • Yoghurt [VR11 Royal Hide]
DesignerHerman Miller
  • Leather100%
  • Pearl 1R01
  • Ivory 1R02
  • Red 1R05
  • Espresso 1R07
  • Stone 1R08
  • Black 1R10
  • Clay 1R11
  • Grey 1R12
  • Gunmetal 1R13
  • Charcoal 1R14
  • Cobblestone 1R15
  • Mulberry 1R16

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$5,125.00 CAD


The playful Marshmallow Sofa is a landmark of modern design that's still turning heads and making people smile. The cushions can be all the same color or in multiple colors for the right look in a private office, lobby, lounge, living room, or den.

This upholstered sofa has 18 circular cushions on the back and seat, a brushed finish tubular steel frame, and black satin finish legs.


  • This upholstered sofa has 18 circular cushions on the back and seat, a brushed-finish tubular-steel frame
  • Black-satin-finish legs


  • Height: 31 Inch
  • Width: 52 Inch
  • Depth: 29 Inch


  • Eighteen marshmallow-like cushions appear to float on air
  • The right mix of drama and utility for lobbies and lounges, dens and living rooms.
  • Warranty: 1-year

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Herman Miller

By the middle of the 20th century, the name Herman Miller had become synonymous with “modern” furniture. Working with legendary designers George Nelson and Charles and Ray Eames, the company produced pieces that would become classics of industrial design. Since then, Herman Miller has collaborated with some of the most outstanding designers in the world, including Alexander Girard, Isamu Noguchi, Bill Stumpf, Don Chadwick, Studio 7.5, Yves Béhar, Doug Ball, and many talented others.


Herman Miller Nelson™ Marshmallow Sofa Designed by:
  • George Nelson
George Nelson

George Nelson

USA, 1908 – 1986

An industrial designer, architect, and journalist George Nelson was born in Hartford, Connecticut in 1908. He attended Yale University and from 1932 until 1934 Nelson studied at the American Academy in Rome, returning to the US in 1935. From 1946 until 1972 George Nelson was director of design at Herman Miller. While working for Herman Miller, Nelson introduced several important innovations in office furniture design. The 1958 Swag Leg Group included tables, chairs and desks. In 1946 George Nelson designed Platform, a simple and functional bench for Herman Miller and it is still a mainstay in their collection.

The best known George Nelson designs include the 1955 Coconut Chair, with a triangular seat inspired by a piece of coconut shell. The 1956 Marshmallow sofa is another revolutionary design, with a seat and back made of individual round cushions. In the 1940s and 1950s, George Nelson designed a series of wall clocks for the Howard Miller Clock Company, of which the best known is the Ball clock, with the hours marked by balls of wood. A mid-century classic, the Bubble Lamps, were designed by George Nelson in 1947 and produced by Howard Miller starting in the early 1950s and ending in 1979. Modernica, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer, now produces them.

While at Herman Miller, Nelson set new standards of design in all aspects of the company and in doing so he pioneered the practice of corporate image management, graphic programs and signage.

View More by: George Nelson