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Mater Shell Dining Chair


Starting at: $1,375.00 CAD
$1,375.00 CAD


The Mater Shell Dining Chair is an interpretation of the Shell Lounge Chair; the leather stitched seat inspired by traditional craft practices in North India, particularly saddle making. The Shell family is attempting to revitalize this skilled trade by providing MORE INFO

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  • New Wool Worsted100%

The idea behind the Molly upholstery fabric was to create a basic material taking yarn as its starting point. Accordingly, the fabric is not dyed – the colours are derived from the actual wool mix. This gives Molly a delicate, sophisticated look.

Molly is 100% simplicity and 100% textile; a natural coloured upholstery fabric made from Norwegian carded woollen yarn and New Zealand combed yarn. This special combination gives the fabric its delicate, simple appearance.

Molly’s quality is not to be found in a colour palette or in uniform consistency but in the unobtrusive design of the fabric, the variations in the weave and the sensation of a genuine, natural product.

One of the great things about Molly is how suitable it is for use in combination. The Molly designs combine beautifully and Molly also combines very well with other textiles and materials in much bolder colours and designs. Molly’s great strength lies in its unobtrusiveness, purity and simplicity and this is what makes it so readily combinable.

Because Molly is undyed, there will be natural colour variations from one consignment to another. This is unavoidable in such a pure, natural product.

Molly is woven using wool produced without the use of chemicals and is the creation of Swedish textile designer Åsa Pärson, a graduate of Textilhögskolan, Borås and Konstfack, Stockholm. Molly is her first collection for Kvadrat. Previously, Åsa has worked with victims of landmines in Cambodia, training them to work as weavers. Her textile works have been exhibited in countries including Sweden and Japan.

  • 160
  • Recycled Polyester FR100%

Revive 1 is a vibrant upholstery textile designed by Georgina Wright. It is made from post-consumer recycled polyester (PET) and is created with a focus to reduce the environmental impact both in production and natural resources.

The design of Revive 1 is inspired by the textures, colours and materials of harbours and fishing boats. It comprises two unicolours, one in the warp and one in the weft. These are either tone-in-tone or slightly contrasting.

Revive 1 features subtle chevron-like shapes, but appears to be solid when viewed from a distance.

  • 164
  • New Wool Worsted90%
  • Nylon10%

Umami is a durable upholstery fabric designed by Louise Sigvardt. Named after the fifth primary taste, all the versions of Umami are made from wool.

Umami offers many combination opportunities, as its expressions combine multiple colours in each colour setting. While the colourways for Umami are understated, some feature bold, contrasting tones. These can be emphasised by using complementary colours in the same room.

Made from 90% wool, Umami is hardwearing. Consequently, it is well-suited to contract use. It also works well in private homes.

  • 0172
DesignerSørensen Leather
  • Protected Leather100%

One of the most versatile leathers around, ULTRA is everything you would want in an “everyday” type of leather. Buffed and embossed and truly nice to touch, the surface of ULTRA boasts a uniform grain pattern spanning over the entire hide, making it a dream to work with for designers.

Thanks to its extremely strong protective finish, it is very user-friendly and easy to maintain. Stains don’t leave a mark once wiped away using a fresh cloth with water. What’s more, as a leather with a heavy surface protection, ULTRA takes longer to show signs of aging or fading.

  • Cognac 41598
  • Black 41599
DesignerSørensen Leather
  • Aniline Leather100%

Run your fingers along the surface of DUNES and it feels as smooth as butter. A special process involving sanding, buffing and applying a special type of leather oil to the surface gives it that almost velvety touch. At the same time, DUNES boasts a matt look that’s raw with a touch of understated elegance.

Part of DUNES’ extra appeal are the subtle, natural markings which bring a unique personality to each hide. Watch for a delicious patina that will appear over time as a result of the leather’s exposure to daylight, interior lighting and usage. In fact, the more you use DUNES, the more the leather becomes shinier and smoother.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in love at first sight. Architects and designers gravitate towards DUNES because of its natural look, subtleness and sublime tactile feel.

  • Rust 21002
  • Anthrazite 21003
  • Soaped Oak
  • Sirka Grey Oak
  • Black Oak

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$1,375.00 CAD


The Mater Shell Dining Chair is an interpretation of the Shell Lounge Chair; the leather stitched seat inspired by traditional craft practices in North India, particularly saddle making.

The Shell family is attempting to revitalize this skilled trade by providing leather-stitching artisans with a global market for their craft, thus encouraging them to pass it on to younger generations. The frame is crafted in solid FSC certified oak with a choice of three different water-based stains.


  • Michael W. Dreeben


  • Frame is solid FSC certified oak


  • Width: 49 cm / 19.2 Inch
  • Depth: 57 cm / 22.4 Inch
  • Height: 87 cm / 34.2 Inch
  • Seat Height: 45 cm / 17.7 Inch

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Founded in Denmark 2006, Mater was first presented to a global audience at Maison & Objet in Paris in 2007. Wanting to launch a brand that has a strong vision based on timeless and beautiful design, Mater combines exclusive furniture and lighting with working methods that support local craft traditions and the environment. Using established and fresh design talent to create their exclusive collection Mater has developed a sophisticated and inspired line of home furnishings.