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St. Geneve Floreale Pattern Bedskirt

St. Geneve Floreale Pattern Bedskirt


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Starting at: $638.00 CAD
$638.00 CAD


Floreale Verde is a sumptuous mix of cotton and silk. Fully reversible, the soft elegant palate of green and cream is calm and sophisticated. Floreale Rosso combines old world sophistication with luxury and comfort. A sumptuous mix of cotton and silk, this rich MORE INFO

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  • Rosso
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$638.00 CAD


Floreale Verde is a sumptuous mix of cotton and silk. Fully reversible, the soft elegant palate of green and cream is calm and sophisticated.

Floreale Rosso combines old world sophistication with luxury and comfort. A sumptuous mix of cotton and silk, this rich russet floral is fully reversible, creating a myriad of design options.


  • 64% Cotton / 36% Silk
  • 450 Thread Count / 1,195 Strand Count
  • Fabric Type: Jacquard


  • Twin : 39 inches x 75 inches
  • Twin XL : 39 inches x 80 inches
  • Double : 54 inches x 75 inches
  • Queen : 60 inches x 80 inches
  • King : 76 inches x 80 inches
  • Cal King : 72 inches x 84 inches


  • Fabric woven in Italy
  • Co-ordinate: capri sand (rosso) or capri sable (verde)
  • We can supply your bedskirt order either with a deck, which is a sheet that covers the top of the box spring with the bedskirt panels attached; OR as a set of three panels that come with 12 special bedskirt pins. The advantage of these pinned panels is that they are easy to install, and can be easily adjusted.
  • Please order your bedskirt either "with deck" or "with pins".

*Skirts Should be Drycleaned as They May Shrink in The Laundry.


  • St.GENÈVE bed linens are guaranteed 1 year against any defect in materials and/or workmanship, provided that the care instructions have been followed.

*All Guarantees are void if labels are removed.


  • All bed linens are made oversize to allow for approximately 3% - 4% shrinkage. It is recommended that your client check for size and fit before laundering, to ensure that they have the right size. We cannot accept returns of bed linens that have been laundered, & then returned because they are the wrong size.


  • Launder whites, colours and prints separately. Do not bleach or use detergents with optical brighteners. Wash in warm (not hot) water. Dry on delicate, and do not over dry. If pressing is desired, do so when sheets are slightly damp. Launder separately from other items in a moderate size load. Never launder with towels or other fuzzy items. Always ensure that the inside of your washer and dryer are perfectly smooth, without any scratches or rough spots, as this can prematurely wear anything you launder. Do not use Woolite or Persil.


  • Like any luxury item, with a little extra care, they will reward you with many years of the most luxurious comfort and lasting beauty. But like any luxury item, they do not respond well to common treatment, so we recommend the following instructions. The following instructions are for the majority of our cotton jacquard fabrics, please refer to the product’s page for each individual item’s care.
  • Machine wash using moderate temperatures and gentle cycles in a small to moderate size load. Always wash white, coloured, and dark fabrics separately. Select a mild soap such as Tide Free, Linen Wash, or Ivory, specialty fabric soaps are the best. Never use liquid fabric softener, bleach or any detergent containing bleach.
  • Ensure all of the soap is washed out by not using ‘water saver’ settings. . These fabrics will last much better if they have lots of water to swim around in. When water is limited, the fabrics will scrub against themselves. This is also why you should never overload the machine. It is best to machine wash these bed linens on a gentle cycle without any other types of articles, in a small to moderate size load. Never wash with towels, blue jeans, or any other articles that can scour the surface of the fabric.
  • Machine dry on gentle using a moderate temperature; do not over dry. You will be surprised at how quickly these fine fabrics dry. Remove immediately at end of cycle.
  • Ironing can be done on the appropriate fabric setting while the fabric is still slightly damp.
  • Acne medications and whitening toothpastes contain chemicals that will bleach almost everything. Sleep in nightwear made with natural fabrics. Nightwear made with synthetic fibers is one of the biggest causes of pilling.
St. Geneve

St Genève began as a small family business, started by Michael de la Place who began creating patterns and developing design features over forty years ago. Today St Genève is a world-renowned manufacturer of luxury bed linens and quality down products.

Quality has always been St Genève’s primary objective. A member of Downmark – the Down Association of Canada, St Genève has been active in many of its initiatives. The types of down they use have tremendous insulating power which is maintained by their high loft, density and clinging ability. These properties make the most luxurious down products because they are warm and lightweight.

St Genève bed linens are designed and made in Canada using the highest quality silk, Egyptian cotton and linen, woven by specialty mills in Germany and Italy. does not currently sell St. Geneve through our on-line store. Feel free to contact us for information and pricing.