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Monthly Archives: September 2006

  • My much cherished Nelson Sunflower clock

    We became a Vitra dealer many months ago and having just purchased an original 1959 Howard Miller - George Nelson Sunflower clock from a client of mine that no longer had the space for it, I was really excited. When I purchased the clock, it was an out of production piece that I am guessing not too many people were even aware of. Known as Nelson's most intricate and complicated clock, it had very low production numbers and very big appeal. It wasn't cheap, even back in the 1950's. Beverly thinks that she paid about $150 to $200 for it back then. That would have been a small fortune at the time.

    So, Beverly's downsizing was my good fortune, as it was more important to her that it go to a good home and to someone that would cherish the clock in the same way that she had for almost 50 years, than to someone that would flip it for a a few quick bucks. I'm not going to say what I paid for the clock, because she knows and I know that I stole it away from her, but I will say that she got 50 years of enjoyment out of it and didn't lose a dime ;)

    So, now Vitra has done a re-issue of this beautiful clock, which is great because with the re-issue, more people will become aware of and more people will get to hang one of these wonderful pieces in their homes.

    If all goes well, maybe I'll live another 50 years before I pass the clock on to someone. I wonder if i will be as generous as Beverly ??

    Only time will tell :)

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