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  • Let there be Light !

    I can't believe that we are finally in the last days of our home renovation.

    What started out as a simple interior paint job that would take a couple of weeks, has finished up as a six month, major renovation, that has more than touched every room in the house. Most notably, the entranceway, the kitchen, both of the bathrooms and all three bedrooms.

    I could go on in length about all of the changes that have now made our house our home, but, I won't. I am here today to talk about one major change. Well actually, several major changes in one form.

    I have always been the type of person that will go without for years, rather than have something in my home that I just don’t like. Lighting is one of those things that can be so important and yet so many people choose this as the place to save money. Yes, you can spend a pretty penny lighting your home, but there are also ways of doing it on a budget, that will give you great results, great light and possibly leave a few rubles in your pocket.

    Like with any purchase for your home, the worst way to save money is to spend it on something you don’t love. If you don’t love it when you buy it, chances are it isn’t far off being at the landfill.

    So, we used plenty of pot lights throughout the house. These are relatively inexpensive, they give great light with a contemporary feel and they make a great start to your lighting plan.

    Now all you have to do is fill in the holes with a selection of ceiling, suspension, wall, floor and table lamps. This is where I say, “Do it right”

    Most of these items are things that I personally plan on taking with me, if I ever move. So, the idea of spending a little more on lighting isn’t quite so painful.

    That being said, there are still some great deals on spectacular lighting, that will set you apart from your neighbours.

    To name a few:

    Table lamps

    The Miss K table lamp by Flos

    Tizio classics are always well priced classics that stand the test of time.

    Artemide came out recently with the Castore table lamps, which are a group of four different sizes

    The Artemide Tolomeo Micro’s were re-released this year in an amazing new color range and a special price, so check them out.

    My favourite table lamp / bedside lamp for it’s clean classic lines that fit into any interior is still the Thuban table lamp by Nemo Italinaluce. Beautiful white glass and chrome with an old style cord in white and black or red.

    Floor Lamps

    We just brought in an Artemide Alfiere Floor Lamp. I know we had sold a few on the internet and now I know why. Very nice floor lamp, somewhat adjustable and a very reasonable price.

    The Foscarini Havana Floor Lamp is an elegant piece that lights up at night and fills the room with quite a nice ambient light. My personal favourite is with the white shade.


    For more reasonably priced fixtures, you can look at Flos Miss K suspension, Nemo Italiana Luce Sirius suspension or Nemo Ursa Major (or Ursa Minor) and the best bang for the buck in Suspension fixtures right now has to be the Modernica Bubble Lamps in all the shapes and sizes. (Saucer Lamp, Cigar Lamp, Ball Lamp, Apple Lamp, Criss Cross Lamp, etc.)

    For those in the US, our partner company Modern Planet also has a wide variety of beautiful lighting options.

    Now, if I had only taken more of my own good advise, maybe I’d still have a few Rubles in my pocket.

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