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Monthly Archives: February 2009

  • Canada's Unique Online Wedding Gift Registry

    Some good friends of mine, that just happen to be clients of Gabriel Ross as well, are getting married soon and last year while planning their wedding date, they asked if it was possible to register with Gabriel Ross through our on-line store.  They live in Toronto and they were not having much luck finding a unique on-line wedding registry for modern products.

    This has been a pretty common theme amongst people I have talked to since this first came to light. Well, through lots of hard work and hours of testing, our wedding/gift registry is up and running and guess who is the first couple to use it?

    I just heard back from them today and word on the street is that their guests have found the registry really easy to use and they love the fact that they can order on-line at their own convenience and then have the item either shipped directly to the Bride and Groom, or to themselves, to bring to the wedding or shower. For people that have long distances to travel to the wedding, or for those that are unable to attend the wedding the ability to ship the gifts directly, is a definite advantage.

    We have plenty of great ideas to continue to make this easy for everyone involved, so stay tuned.

  • Introducing Herman Miller Lifework Portfolio

    Finally, the Home office gets dished up a nice serving of style!

    A couple of years ago, when I was at ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) in New York, I remember telling several people at both Herman Miller and Knoll that there was a massive hole in the contemporary home office furniture market.

    Ready, set, GO !!

    And, the winner is…………….

    Herman Miller

    They are the first to respond with their newly released “Lifework Portfolio”There are several amazing pieces in the line and the timing couldn’t be better.

    Check out the Airia desk, the Airia media cabinet and the cognita storage bench to name a few. (OK, I just gave away my favourites :p)

    Herman Miller Lifework Portfolio Airia Desk and Cabinet


    Other models include the Sense desk with an available desktop storage and a media cabinet and the Enchord desk and mobile cabinet.

    Lifework Portfolio Sense Desk w/ Desktop Storage and Media Cabinet


    Lifework Portfolio Enchord Desk with Mobile Cabinet


    View all items in the Portfolio here:

    We would love to hear what your favourites are.  Leave a comment below.

  • Built a livingroom fort recently?

    When I was a little kid, a livingroom pillow fort was my own pre-freedom version of today's studio apartment.  Structure, privacy, colour and particularly spatial planning are some of the major considerations when building a skookum livingroom fort.  Not unlike today's real estate market, location was also a very important factor... the edge of the sofa always worked well in conjunction with the coffee table, but the back of the sofa (if freestanding) allowed a brilliant "lean to" opportunity.  Of course, a fort is an intimate place for your favorite things, snuggles, safety, private thoughts, and only your most favorite people .  Thankfully, for nostalgic adults with no less need for these things, Vitra has the solution.  Feast your eyes on the Alcove sofa by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec:

    Now that's fort making at its finest.  No roof... but who needs it with towering walls, zippered corners, and a chrome tube surround.  Beautiful from any angle, the alcove brings our childhood efforts to fruition with a perfect elegance.  My thanks to Ronan and Erwan for nurturing a human need for "snuggle space" in a sophisticated and beautiful way.

    Find Alcove Sofa at For US customers visit

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