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Monthly Archives: April 2009

  • Philippe Starck > you naughty boy you...

    I say “Long and Hard” and what comes to mind? Of course it would be a freakishly amazing new modern lighting fixture with beautiful molded outer surfaces that look like liquid metal by Philippe Starck for FLOS. Whew… that was a mouthful.

    When I learned of this cleverly named light, I was reminded of an image I stumbled upon in a Cassina publication involving Mr. Starck, again, alluding to the act that shall not be named. Okay…… sex. Leather handles attached to a Prive sofa? What could those possibly be used for? It may have been the naked woman’s arm draped inside the handle in the photograph that tipped me off. For those less inclined to bomp sha bomp in restraints, it can also be ordered sans the handcuffs.

    sex is a beautiful thing.

    UPDATE 2009/04/29:  A retraction… of sorts/err… advisory of sorts.  So… don’t set your heart on the Long and Hard light fixture. Turns out it wasn’t the most appropriate blog subject for this geographic… not available in the North American market:( But still very cool.

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