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Monthly Archives: June 2009

  • More Blomus Stainless Steel Products

    Looking for items which are stylish, solid and enduring for your every day products and accessories? One word which comes to the mind of several is stainless steel.

    Stainless steel does not rust, is strong and is pleasing to the eye! Our catalog features several stainless products specifically made for outdoors, decors, kitchen, living room, wine bar, bed room, bathroom, and many more.

    Some of the best selling Blomus products are stainless steel fireplace set, stainless steel tea set, and stainless steel fire pits.

    Pay Gabriel Ross a visit, you might find the stainless steel products you have been looking for.

    Blomus Products @


  • 77 steps by 116 hands

    I was recently introduced to a really inspiring video on Emeco's website,  I always knew that the Navy chair was designed for the US Navy, and that it has a 150 year warranty... but I never really knew what a cool all around company Emeco is until I explored their website in more detail.  These chairs are handbuilt and quality tested to the nines.  It takes 77 steps and 116 hands to make a single Navy 1006 chair.  As said in one of the video clips... "These chairs are made from blood, sweat, tears and love" and they're built for life... err... two lives.  Green?  Any chair that lasts more than a lifetime is the earth's friend... especially when it's also made of 80% recycled aluminum.

    I used to want one of these chairs because I loved the way it looked... now I want one because I love the way it's made. 

    Emeco 1006 Navy Chair


  • 1000+ additional Alessi products now available

    Our store continues to grow and we are striving to meet the demand for unique holiday and gift ideas.

    We are pleased to offer more then 1000 products just added to the Alessi line.

    Every year I hear holiday gift ideas that sound extra creative and fun. Then the day comes when I need a unique gift idea and every clever thought goes right out of my head!  That is where Alessi can fill the void... they have such wonderful everyday products with a designers twist!

    Please feel free to contact us any time. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have concerning a particular product from our increasingly growing manufacturers list.

    Last but not least, we have added a new category to the site, Bar and Wine - filled with offerings for entertaining your guests and family this summer.

    I hope that you enjoy our store and that you will come back to see us again soon!

    Additional Alessi


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