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Monthly Archives: February 2010

  • Meet the Generation Chair by Knoll

    Does the world need another chair? Certainly that’s a reasonable question to ask when the planet is already populated by hundreds, if not thousands, of different chairs—chairs for working, dining, relaxing, playing, napping, waiting, or, even, admiring—some are a wonder to behold but awkward to sit in and some are so comfortable that one is reluctant to get up again.

    Knoll Generations Work Chair

    That legacy continues today, as seen in this latest release by Knoll™, and their collaboration with Formway Design, the Wellington, New Zealand-based collaborative. It's not a chair. It's a movement. Introducing Generation by Knoll™. The first chair that lets you sit how you want. The Generation chair offers a new standard of comfort and unrestrained movement, supporting the range of postures and work styles typical of today's workplace. Discover how Generation's flexing and supportive features enable individual expression, and explore how this revolutionary work chair reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability.

    It’s worth noting that the concept of seating that moves as you move was not entirely new. In fact, one could argue that the bean bag chair of the 1960s, which quickly became a ubiquitous symbol of hippie informality, could be considered a forerunner of Generation by Knoll: each time the user shifts position on the bean bag chair, the “beans” (actually polystyrene beads) rearrange themselves to support you—comfort is entirely a result of automatic responsiveness. For Knoll, it was time to take this idea of elastic design—where the product rearranges itself in response to its user—to a new level.

    Knoll Generations Work Chair

    Knoll Generations Work Chairs

  • The Warren Platner Collection

    It looks as though it will break out into song at any moment or clamp its jaws around your body as you sit in it. 


    Atop of an unusually small pedestal base for such a large seating surface, the Platner lounge chair is an impact maker in any environment.    A beautiful mixture of metal rods and soft cushy textile make for a sculptural look and a cozy sit.   Designed in 1966 by Warren Platner, for Knoll, this chair has potential for retro glam and sophisticated modern.  

     When accompanied by its coordinating side table, this chair becomes parent and small tot. 


    The side table also features metal rods with a glass disc that perfectly fits inside the circumference of its top.  It is sweet and subtle yet the light bouncing off the torso of this table has the making for a small but sparkly dance party.  The Grandmother of this collection of course is the dining table that allows the dinner guest to gaze inside a tunnel of arched metal stems through its glass top surface while enjoying their meal. 




    This table is like a giant piece of elegant jewelry for your home, as is the whole Platner collection. 

    On Sale Now until Feb. 7th 2010.


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