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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  • Toronto's Integral House Makes International Ooh's and Ahh's

    Just one decade and 24 million US dollars ... that's all it took to build to build Dr. James Stewart's residence in Rosedale, Toronto.

    The owner is a former violinist and math professor, having made his millions writing calculus textbooks. Although the home would have certainly demanded some complicated mathematical formulas to build, it has many artistic angles and houses a private concert hall.

    Full of curves, wood, floor to ceiling windows, concrete, and an amazing custom staircase - this house appears warm and cool, modern and vintage, clean and decorative ... all at once.

    Brigitte Shim and Howard Sutcliffe of Shim Sutcliffe are the architects behind the project and apparently they had an unlimited budget and time frame - an architect or designer's dream, I'm sure.

    "I think it's one of the most important private houses built in North America in a long time" - Glenn D. Lowry, director of New York's Museum of Modern Art in a Wall Street Journal article. Now all we have to do is get invited to one of Dr. Stewart's private concerts or costume balls to see this beauty in person...

    Photographs by Jim Dow, Ed Burtynsky & Bob Gundu, via

    Visit Shim-Sutcliffe's website here.

  • Eye Spy... DwellStudio Chinoiserie Bed Linens

    DwellStudio Chinoiserie Bed Linens

    320 thread count in 100% cotton percale, DwellStudio's Chinoiserie bed linens feel as good as they look. All the white space on this duvet cover accents the graphic, minimalist quality of the branches and birds. The design has an old world/traditional feel, but is delivered in a really clean, modern way.

    DwellStudio Chinoiserie Duvet Cover and Shams with Linen Edge Sheet Set

    A perfect combination of old and new - this duvet set will work in any bedroom. Best of all, you can mix and match the Chinoiserie pieces with other lines in the DwellStudio collection. Use the Linen Edge bed sheets with the duvet cover (as pictured above), or just use some Chinoiserie accent pillows on a different duvet. The accent cushions also work well in other rooms of the house!

    DwellStudio Long Chinoiserie Cushion

    Treat yourself to a soft, luxurious sleep with a design well suited to a lovely Spring season on the way. The queen duvet set with two shams is only $280.00, the king set: $320.00 at, here. Also check out the rest of the DwellStudio collection including sheet sets, coverlets, table linens, wall art and more - here.

  • Bubble Lamp featured in House and Home Magazine

    Modernica's Triple Fixture, design: George Nelson - photo:

    Modernica's Triple Fixture bubble lamp is featured in Canada's House and Home Magazine, January 2011 issue. You can find in the in the "Focus" section as part as the "Light it Up" feature article on statement multi-headed light fixtures.

    Canadian House and Home Magazine - photo:

    The article describes the fixture as "a play on puppetry", and where does House and Home recommend you would find such a wonderful example of mid century modern lighting design? why, Gabriel Ross of course.

    Modernica's Triple Fixture, design: George Nelson - photo:

    The Triple Fixture can be ordered with different style bubble lamps. You could hang three saucers, three cigars, three balls, lanterns, pears ... or combine different lights and hang a mixture!

    View the Triple Fixture and the whole selection of George Nelson Bubble Lamps at here.
    Visit House and Home Magazine, here.

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