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  • Gabriel Ross 2011 Customer Photo Contest

    We love nothing more than to see evidence of our products in the hands of happy living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and offices alike. So, a couple of weeks ago we announced our annual photo contest for 2011. We asked customers to send us photos of Gabriel Ross items in their spaces until June 2nd for the chance to win a gift certificate - $250 for 1st prize, $150 for 2nd, $50 for 3rd. We thought we would share the entries that we've received so far and encourage you to vote for your favorite and/or submit your own!

    You can view all the entries and vote for your favorites (by "liking" the image in the photo gallery) on our Facebook fan page, here.

    Follow us on twitter @GabrielRossShop, for real time updates on this contest and all things modern design, here.

    Here are some of our entries so far:

    By: Ruben "I have an obvious obsession with walnut."


    By: Hal "At first sight we fell in love with these fabulous Emeco Icon counter stools from Gabriel Ross. We purchased them online in a brushed aluminum finish to add an edgy yet refined look to our newly renovated kitchen. Ultra edgy! Ultra refined! Ultra easy!"


    By: Patti and David "Here is a snap of our cat, Orion, loving the Nani Marquna Ovo rug, shipped to us from Gabriel Ross. He is considering the infinity sign discovered in the patterns."

    By: R Aubrey "After a long day, Anna and I usually like to unwind with friends. We've been hangin' out for a year now, and every moment has been a blast! I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual, you can see it on her face. You know... I often see a bit of myself in her."

    By: Victoria "Our Modernica split rail two seat sofa and slipper chair have been with us a while. They are a bit lonely. We really feel its time for them to get some new friends...from Gabriel Ross!"

    By: Tuula Our George Nelson bubble lamp is the perfect size and shape for our kitchen table, mid-century styling and gives off a nice, soft diffused light for dining."


  • 50 Years of Rosenthal Vases



    Rosenthal's Studio Line is celebrating 5 decades of innovative contemporary design, and have announced a limited edition collection of vases to commemorate the anniversary. The collection includes only 50 vase examples from over the 50 years of designs by a vast selection of artists, designers and architects. Rosenthal has worked with approximately 1000 creatives, couturiers, and prominent people during it's history, according to their website. On the selection process for the anniversary collection (which I imagine to be a very difficult task) CEO Andrea Vianello has this to say:

    "Considering our rich design history over the last
    50 years, limiting this collection to 50 vases
    was a delightful challenge. Each style we have
    included is outstanding on its own, uniting
    form and function with the diversity and
    innovative flair for which the Studio-Line
    is known"




    Beginning in 1961 with Ura by Tapio Wirkkala and ending with Format, a 2011 design by Christophe de la Fontaine, Rosenthal dug deep into its archives and revived some classics for this special edition. Some other pieces have remained in the collection throughout, since their original design year. The 50 vases, although each representing a distinct era of design, all appear "current" which speaks to the classic and timeless nature of the visionary designers. For instance, Arkadia, 1967 by Hans Theo Baumanncan with its textured surface and organic shape, could easily brunch with the asymmetrical, similarly textured surfaces of Papyrus, 2010 by Vittorio Passaro.



    Purchasing one of these vases is a great way to own a piece of design history for a relatively small investment. Granted, some of these vases are in the $900/$1000 range, others start under $100. If you're an admirer of Marcel Wanders, Jasper Morrision, Patricia Urquoila, Aldo Rossi, Ron Arad among many others, here's an opportunity to aquire one of their designs as a treasured home or office accessory.

    Contact our showroom for more details at 250-384-2554, or email

  • Eye Spy... Random Lights


    The title for this post is a bit misleading ... you may have been expecting a mash of a bunch of different random lights. Instead, you are getting one light in particular named Random, plus a bit about one other fixture called (of course) Non Random.

    Moooi is new to Gabriel Ross, but this fixture isn't new to anyone interested in lighting design. Random was a hit from its birth and partnership with the Dutch design house. It is featured constantly in interior design magazines, online publications, and if I've seen them in commercial applications around Victoria, BC, then I'm sure that there is a Random to found in every city. If you're local, check them out at Prima Strada Pizzeria in Cook Street Village along with Marcel Wanders' (Moooi co-founder) Skygarden light fixture for Flos - but that's another post all together.



    The Random light is named after the nature of its production process. A resin drained yarn is wrapped willy nilly around an inflated beach ball until it's nearly covered, leaving enough gaps for light to shine through, maintaining an airy and light presence. Also left unwrapped is an asymmetrically located small hole large enough for the bulb and chromed steel pendant to fit through. The beach ball is then deflated and voila... Random!


    On a side note... or more appropriately... a "random" thought... I love that the name for the design is an adjective. It's like an excuse to play naughty with grammar, and that is just good fun... oh what the heck... it's funner.


    Six years after Random's inception, Bertjan Pot came up with the Jeckll to its Hyde. Non Random is like a neatly coiled ball of yarn (as aptly described by "old ladies" on Moooi's website). Its yarn is criss-crossed systematically unlike Random's random (ha!) yarn distribution.


    Moooi has many other super interesting light fixtures to offer, which may be the subjects of future posts, but the Random is most certainly their most successful from a distribution/exposure point of view.

    Visit our website for these and other inspiring Moooi products, here.
    Visit Moooi's website direct, here.
    See other products by Bertjan Pot, here.




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