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  • Eight Iconic Chairs That Help You Sit With Style - from Esquire Magazine

    Esquire Magazine's "The Big Black Book, Spring/Summer 2011" issue" boasts itself as "The Style Manual for Successful Men". Reading this, I was immediately reminded of the recent lighting and home design collaboration between Foscarini and Diesel fashion label, coined "Successful Living" (read our blog post on this collection, here). It seems that success is highly dependent on style - or so the fashion and design houses would suggest. In our business of some of the most iconic, stylish furniture and home accessories in the history of modern design... who are we to argue? ;)




    The magazine issue's index, after 9 pages of glossy dapper men sporting Gucci watches, Ascot Chang suits, and Hermes blousons lists "The Portfolios - How to put yourself together for wherever life takes you." Under Portfolio No. 2: "The Anti-Suit", is a one page article on selecting a stylish man chair. Titled "Take a Seat - Eight iconic chairs that help you sit with style", this article is reminiscent of a product page. I was pleased as punch to see that we offer every single one of the 8 chairs that Esquire features.




    #1: LC3 Grand Modele Armchair:



    #2: Barcelona Chair:




    #3: Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair:



    #4: Swan Chair:




    #5: 1006 Navy Armchair:



    #6: Wassily Chair:



    #7: Aeron Chair:



    #8: Womb Chair:


    Visit to see these chairs and many many more, here.




  • Eye Spy... Ovale Collection by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec for Alessi

    It seems the hard edged square dinner plate and ultra asymmetrical bowl phenomenon has mellowed out a little, and sweet simplicity in dinnerware has reigned supreme. Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec's "Ovale" collection embodies clean lines, beautiful and elegant shapes, and unbeatable functionality in a variety of sizes and multitude of accent pieces.


    Ovale does not deliver a single serving impression. These pieces require a second glance, some figuring out - a platter of intrigue for the curious and discerning eye. They aren't actually oval shaped, but almost. And that missing fraction is delightfully captivating. Carefully considered details... that's where awesomeness lives.


    Beyond the standard dinnerware - plates, side plates, bowls, cups, etc., Ovale has a wonderful selection of additional pieces including covered stoneware, serving dishes and trays, an ice bucket, and a little sauce plate (shown above).



    The “Ovale” collection strives to be original, but it also wants to be rustic and traditional. We set out in pursuit of delicate expression. This composition speaks about every day life, about breakfast, lunch, about everyone getting together for dinner. There is a desire for simplicity.

    -Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec



    View the entire Ovale collection on our website, here.
    Visit Alessi's website, here.
    Visit Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec Design, here.





  • Metal + Wood = Love. The Lancaster Collection from Emeco

    Emeco has partnered up with designer Michael Young to produce a new collection that combines their iconic aluminum with a new material (new to Emeco, that is), wood. I adore the combination of the hard, industrial surface of aluminum combined with an organic, material that grew under sun.

    Lancaster Collection - image:

    The collection includes stacking chairs, tables and barstools. All the pieces are available in light or dark stained ash wood and either polished aluminum or "nano" powder coat. The ash wood is sustainable, durable, and harvested from, you guessed it, Lancaster Pennsylvania. As wood isn't Emeco's specialty, the wood components are being hand crafted in a local Amish factory in Lancaster with a long time reputation for wood working.

    Lancaster chairs - images:

    Lancaster chair shown stacked. image:

    Lancaster Table - images:

    Lancaster Barstool rear and front view - images:

    The way that Young designed the connection between the aluminum and wood components makes this chair really unique. He doesn't hide the fact that there is a joint there, and celebrates the contrast between the materials by accentuating the join with visible bolts, and large tab like connectors. These details speak to the industrial side of the design, although the beauty in which all the elements are finished illustrates the craftmanship that Emeco is known for. The Lancaster collection is perfect composition of hybrid raw material, elegant design, and enduring quality.

    Lancaster chair detail - image:

    Designer Michael Young at the Trussardi store in Milan, 2011. image:

    Michael Young is an accomplished industrial designer who has worked with many international furniture manufacturers. He has this to say about Lancaster's design story:

    "I feel passionate about working with natural materials that live forever.  Wood and metal are really the materials that connect to the human so there was no question that the richness of their aging processes is a perfect combination."
    Michael Young, quote source: Emeco Newsletter, July 2011

    We are currently working on getting the Lancster collection up on our online store. If you have questions about pricing, availability, etc., contact us, here.
    Visit Emeco's website for information and images, here.
    Visit Michael Young's website to see more amazing design projects, here.
    Read Designboom's up close and personal interview with Michael Young, here.

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