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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • Local Furniture Designer/Maker, Christina Hilborne, at Gabriel Ross

    Urban Chic by Christina Hilborne

    Our latest showroom addition/LOVE is local designer Christina Hilborne's AH-mazing coffee table - part of her "Urban Chic" collection. We love this table as much for its beauty as we do for its environmentally friendly composition and design. Kirei board (pronounced KEEray), the collection's base material, is a by-product of Japan's sorghum crops (grain crop). Prior to Kirei manufacturing, the after process straw like material was pitched into landfills or burned. With Kirei, it is compressed and sealed with a non-toxic water based adhesive, making it reusable for multiple purposes.

    Kirei board detail - Urban Chic by Christina Hilborne

    This piece has something for everyone. A substantial stripe of stainless steel inset in the top surface of this piece gives it an industrial flair - a cool and sexy juxtaposition against the warm and earthy Kirei grain.

    Top surface detail - Urban Chic by Christina Hilborne

    Afraid to hide the top of this beauty with magazines, glasses, and remote controls? Fear not - this design is made for the clutter bug. The hallow interior of the table body is not only functional - providing ample space for storage... it also serves to allow light and air to flow through this sculptural design. It is heavy and substantial in its square and sturdy composition, but also delicate with its open center and beautifully considered angled feet.

    Urban Chic Table Interior by Christina Hilborne

    Urban Chic by Christina Hilborne

    It appears our green Project sofa (local design and build by our own workshop) has found its perfect mate - both in aesthetics and environmental agenda. Both pieces were featured together on stage at the recent TEDx Victoria event.

    Project Sofa and Urban Chic table at TEDx Victoria

    To learn and see more of the incredibly talented Christina Hilborne, visit her website here.
    To inquire about the "Urban Chic" or "Project" collections, call our showroom at 250.384.2554 or toll free: 1-866-207-1111.

  • Herman Miller SALE Nov. 23 - Dec. 12

    Ahhh... it's that time of year...

    Crisp autumn air? Scarves and mittens? Holiday decor hits storefront windows? Hot tea and crackling fires? yah, yah, it's all good, but what's great about this time of year? The Herman Miller is on SALE!



    Today until December 12th, Herman Miller products are 15% off. Now that's something to drink tea to.

    Eames Molded Plastic Chairs - photo:

    Herman Miller is a canon of authentic mid century modern design - reproducing the greats: Charles and Ray Eames, George Nelson and Isamu Noguchi. The design house also commissions and manufactures contemporary designs from an array of talent including Yves Behar, the designer behind Herman Miller's most recent office chair SAYL. They are also, of course, the name behind the infamous Aeron chair. They sign their name to the groundbreaking Embody chair and continue to push boundaries in the area of contemporary ergonomic office design each and every day.

    Platform Bench by George Nelson for Herman Miller - photo:

    Noguchi Table by Isamu Noguchi for Herman Miller - photo:

    SAYL side chair by Yves Behar for Herman Miller - photo:

    Aeron Chair by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick - photo:

    Embody Chair by Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber for Herman Miller - photo:

    The newest addition to the Herman Miller line up is a partnership with Italian design company Magis.

    This line carries products for indoor and outdoor and is committed to technology innovation, working with top designers from all over the world. Magis brings a breath of fresh air to an already impressive and dynamic selection of products in the Herman Miller portfolio. The best part? Magis products are also on SALE until December 12th!

    Shop the sale for Magis by Herman Miller on our website here.
    Shop the sale for other great Herman Miller products on our website here.

  • A Tolomeo for Christmas? Yes please.


    Select Artemide products are now on SALE until December 31st. Which products? All the best ones of course. The classic Tolomeo and Tizio, Melampo family, and the Castore and Dioscuri table lamps are all featured at up to 34% off.


    The Tolomeo, designed in 1999 is a hugely versatile light and come in various shapes and sizes. Shown above, the Tolomeo Micro, is the smallest version of this lamp and is available in several bright accent colours. This light became an instant design classic and can be spotted adorning the desks of architects and design savvy students alike.


    The Tizio is a wonder of balance. This light can be maneuvered in all kinds of surprising directions, and its perfectly weighted arms and base will never fail. It also gives off a beautiful warm halogen glow that suits any office or living space.



    As shown above, the Melampo family has a secret. The unique shade design allows the shade to lock into place facing downwards, at an angle, and pointing straight up. This provides either direct, indirect, or ambient lighting.


    Like upside down droplets of frosted water, the Castore table lamps by Michele De Lucchi are another Artemide classic. These lights come in various sizes and feature a touch technology that allows you to turn the light off and on, and adjust brightness all by the touch of a finger.


    Dioscuri, also designed by De Lucchi, are similar to Castore in shape and finish but without the tall stand and round base. These lamps are simply beautiful glowing orbs that sit directly on the surface supporting them. Varying in price from $210-483 during the sale, this is a great time to add a little (or large) glow to your space.

    Shop the sale on our website, here.



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