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Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • New to Gabriel Ross: Tom Dixon

    Tom Dixon, a British design house established in 2002, is the latest addition to our line up of noteworthy brands. Perhaps best known (lighting wise) for their "Jack Light", the line carries a multitude of destined classics. Jack was originally produced in 1994 as an attempted revival and celebration of industrial production in the UK. Constructed with rotary molded plastic, this playful and sculptural floor lamp begs to be stacked.

    Jack Light by Tom Dixon - photo:

    Jack Light detail by Tom Dixon - photo:

    A personal favorite in the Tom Dixon lighting line is the "Beat" collection. These fixtures offer a variety of shapes, 2 colour options, and a contrast of finishes within each piece. Either wrapped n a matte white or black exterior, these lights feature a sparkly mottled brass interior - hand beaten by skilled craftspeople in North India. Individually, these lights are exquisite sculptural forms, but when hung as a group, "Beat" takes on a whole new visual experience.

    Beat Light Stout by Tom Dixon - photo:

    Beat Lights by Tom Dixon - photo:

    Beat Light Wide, white, by Tom Dixon - photo:

    Beat Lights by Tom Dixon - photo:

    Beat Light interior detail by Tom Dixon - photo:

    The Tom Dixon line offers several other suspension light fixtures, table lamps and floor lamps - all at an accessible price point. We are thrilled to have Tom Dixon as the latest addition to our line up of exceptional design products.
    View the Tom Dixon line on our website, here.
    Visit Tom Dixon's website, here.


  • Alessi Celebrates 90 Years


    Alessi celebrated 90 years of innovative design by many of the world's most renowned designers with a special collection of their most iconic products over the 9 decades. Each piece is stamped with the number "90", the designer's name, and the year it was originally produced. Beginning with the eternally classic cocktail shaker and ending with Mario Trimarchi's modern centerpiece, this is a group of objects to make a design collector's mouth water.











    These pieces have been branded as a special and limited edition right through to the packing. Each piece is carefully wrapped in a unique box and labelled "Looking ahead to the next 90 years".

    With gift season upon us, Gabriel Ross is stocked with each item available individual purchase and also available as a set of 9. Treat your design savvy friend with a collector's piece to be treasured for another 9 decades.

    View the collection on our website, here.

  • Dyson Hot Fan Heater

    Love the Dyson fan design but can't wait until summer to get one?

    Hot Fan Heater by Dyson, photo:

    Tada! Introducing the AM04 Dyson Hot Fan Heater - pushing heat further than standard heaters, heating up rooms quicker than standard heaters... all with precise temperature control and easy to clean. Another cool feature is the remote control (yes, remote control!) is magnetized and sticks to top of the tower so you'll never misplace it.

    Dyson Hot Fan Heater, photo:

    With no exposed heating elements, this heater has all the sleek design properties of Dyson's popular fan only with warm and cozy, curl up in a chair and read a book, toasty goodness. The encased heating system also saves users from that pesky burnt dust smell that can often happen with conventional space heaters.

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