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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • Big Table by Alain Gilles for Bonaldo

    Big Table by Alain Gilles for Bonaldo. image:

    Big is one way to describe this expansive modern dining table, but it certainly doesn't do this work of art justice. Alain Gilles' Big Table is bold, unique and a bit of an engineering marvel. Featured above with a wood top and lacquered steel legs, this table is much more than an meal surface - it's sculpture.

    Alain Gilles - image:

    Big Table in Bonaldo's Showroom, Italy. image:

    Bonaldo is one of our Italian lines that we carry in the showroom. Currently we are only featuring their ever popular hydraulic lift "Hoppy Stool" online, but the whole collection offers something exquisite for every room of the home. Stay tuned to see more of Bonaldo on in the coming months, or view the whole catalogue on their website.

    Bonaldo Shwroom in Italy. image:

    Hoppy Stool by Giorgio Manzali for Bonaldo. image:

    At our showroom here in Victoria BC, we're really excited about our new Big Table floor model - just arrived! If you're in the neighbourhood, this table is a must see.

    Big Table at the Gabriel Ross Showroom, Victoria BC

    Big Table is available with a fixed or extendable top and in various sizes and finishes including a glass, veneered wood or solid wood top. More more information on availability and lead times for Bonaldo, please contact us.



  • Cherner Lounge Chair and Ottoman

    The Cherner collection has a new addition to the family: the Cherner Lounge Chair and Ottoman. This combo features the same beautiful molded plywood shell and bentwood arms for which the Cherner seating collection is known and loved.

    Cherner Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Benjamin Cherner

    This chair is made sustainably in the USA, by skilled craftspeople. Cherner Chair Company was founded by Thomas and Benjamin Cherner with the original intent of bringing their father, Norman Cherner's, designs back to life. The lounge chair and ottoman is a design by Benjamin himself, inspired of course, by Norman's work.

    Cherner Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Benjamin Cherner, back view

    Inspiration comes easily with the beautiful silhouette, curvilinear arms and national materials of Norman Cherner's work. Perhaps best knows for its slender, curved seat back, a Chener chair is instantly recognizable - delivering elegance to any space it inhabits.

    Cherner Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Benjamin Cherner, top view

    The Lounge Chair is available both with or without arms and seat pads and in several finishes. Visit for more information.

  • Pantone Announces Emerald Green for 2013

    17-5641 may seem like just a number, but to Pantone it means elegance, beauty, balance and harmony.

    Image source:

    Sophistication and luxury are also innate traits of this jewel tone based on it's association to just that - jewels. Emerald has a rich history in various cultures and religions as being a colour of growth, regeneration, renewal and of course green has become a way of life in environmentally friendly terms. It seems that this colour encompasses just what our modern lives and eyes are longing for these days - healing and unity.

    Image source:

    Image source:

    Image source:

    For colour and design enthusiasts, Pantone has a clever collection of goods available for purchase celebrating all that is emerald including a coffee mug and cell phone case (among others):

    Pantone Colour of the Year Mug and Emerald iPhone 5 case.
    Image source:

    Emerald is replacing 2012's warm and juicy Tangerine Tango 17-1463: a hue that allowed consumers in all avenues - fashion, makeup, interior design, etc. - to enjoy and play with colour in a whole new way. Tangerine paved the way for Emerald Green to make a splash with rich jewel toned luxury.

    Image source:

    Image source:



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