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    New York based designer Sandy Chilewich, founder and creative director of Chilewich, launched table mats and floor mats with her original signature textiles in 2000. Since then her designs have transformed the way tables and floors are dressed in homes and in restaurants around the world.


    shag_indoor_outdoor_mat_in_various_dot_with_do Made almost exclusively in the US, Chilewich's product line of vinyl table mats and floor mats are marked by ingenuity, elegance and a lot of fun!


    Always innovating and adding to the Chilewich story, each new collection of original designs pushes the boundaries of what a textile can be, by creating color, texture and graphics that have never really been seen before for both the top of your table, as well as underfoot.


    table_boucle_pebble_169-bp_main Explore the Chilewich collection of innovative table mats and runners made from their original textiles. Available in a wide array of weaves, colors, sizes and shapes.


    nring__main Chilewich completes your table top with 100% linen napkins and stainless steel napkin rings.


    Explore the Chilewich collection of original and elegant woven floor mats. Available in a wide array of weaves and colors, Chilewich floor mats will enhance your interiors, while providing functionality underfoot.


    floor_basket_army_331-bp_zoom Chilewich indoor floor mats are available in a wide range of colours, sizes and textures, from basket weave, to reed to bamboo and some have woven imprints. All provide excellent functionality and are resistant to mold.


    Chilewich Shag Indoor/Outdoor Mats are made by tufting custom extruded yarns as loops onto a primary backing and then binding them onto a hardworking vinyl that could weather any storm outdoors and provides functionality underfoot indoors. Shag Mats are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, outdoor terraces, pool areas and entryways. Good in all weather. Quick to dry. Mold, mildew and chlorine resistant.


    The Chilewich Indoor / Outdoor shag mats will add a pop of color in front of a kitchen or bathroom sink. Alternatively, use them as a doormat inside or outside your door. The Chilewich Indoor / Outdoor shag mats will add a pop of color in front of a kitchen or bathroom sink. Alternatively, use them as a doormat inside or outside your door.


    The new Cube Collection from Chilewich introduces a stylish furniture design made from classic Chilewich textiles. Completely proportional from every angle, each Cube features a smart geometric profile, making it ideal for any type of space. Cube is at the forefront of stylish durability.


    620x465_cubes_group3 Relax with Cube as an ottoman, or use its sleek, symmetrical surface as a functional side table. Each piece from the Cube Collection is extremely lightweight - move a cube from room to room with ease, or combine to create seating for more than one. Constructed with firm, high density foam - these cubes will retain their shape over time and wipe clean simply with soap and water.


    Chilewich products make excellent house warming, wedding and Holiday gifts. Get inspired!

    Support creativity and help protect the history of design and the future of innovation - always buy original and authentic designs.

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