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  • Eye Spy... Eames Sofa Compact

    Sofa Compact by Charles and Ray Eames for Herman Miller - photo:

    Designed in 1954, the Sofa Compact was an adaptation from a built in sofa that Charles and Ray Eames designed for their own home in the 1940's. The freestanding version has been in production since 1954 without interruption. Although the original intent for this piece was probably to have it work for smaller constricted spaces, this sofa is beautiful in any modern interior with an aim for spaciousness and clean lines.



    Herman Miller offers a large array of upholstery options for the Sofa Compact that vary from tight/smooth commercial weaves to lush felted wool such as Kvadrat's Divina Melange. Depending on your fabric choice, this sofa works well in various spaces including commercial settings and office waiting rooms, to cozy apartment living rooms. Parking lots too ...



    View the Sofa Compact on our website here.
    Read more about the design story on Herman Miller's website here.

  • Eames Hang-It-All Select Limited Edition

    Herman Miller Select™ 2010 Eames® Hang–It–All®

    As of August 15, 2010, Herman Miller’s Select program is presenting a new classy looking Eames Hang-It-All from the multicoloured version to a striking design which now includes a black steel frame and solid walnut hooks.

    The Hang-It-All was inspired by the Eameses’ love for playful furniture and children’s toys. Introduced in 1953, it was designed to hold an assortment of children’s belongings—mittens, scarves, jackets, dolls, slingshots, skates, and knapsacks, according to Eames Design.

    It was available from Tigrett Enterprises’ Playhouse Division until the company went out of business in 1961. Herman Miller reintroduced it in 1994.

    Herman Miller’s Gregg Vander Kooi chose to feature the Hang-It-All as this year’s Select item because of its whimsical appeal.

    “Plus,” he adds, “walnut is a fairly neutral wood that fits with almost any décor.”

    If you want one you better hurry! It’s only being offered until February 15, 2011, or while supplies last.

    Herman Miller Select™ 2010 Eames® Hang–It–All®
  • House Birds

    CrowA neighbour in my apartment building has two fake stuffed crows in his window that curiously peer out at me while I fill up my watering can.  At first glance, they were a bit scary … but after meeting their gaze a few times, I’ve grown to like them … a lot.  Crows get a bit of a bad wrap in our culture – like when you refer to a group of several crows, it’s called MURDER. 

    That’s harsh. 



    Also, they eat garbage and that’s no good for their rep.  The other day outside of Zellers I noticed a MURDER of crows trying to bust into an entire bag of bagels with a series of teeny tiny punctures inflicted by their pointy beaks.  It seemed as though they had been working tirelessly at this for hours, so naturally I sympathized.  I bravely approached the MURDER to rip open the bag and free the yummy circles of doughy goodness and all traces of bagel disappeared within seconds. 

    It was amazing.


    Anyhoo… Apparently Charles and Ray Eames also had an affinity for the black bird (maybe not crow specific).  On one of their many travels they picked up an American folk art object … a black wooden bird and brought it home to live in the centre of their living room. 


    Vitra has re-produced the Eames’ beloved pet as a beautiful smooth black bird with the very same skinny stick legs and round eye balls.  It’s elegant and endearing and makes a nice alternative to a feathered friend of the live variety.  Against a back-drop it becomes a graphic image and on the carpet in the middle of room it’s just sweet and loveable.

    Eames house bird 2


    Eames house bird


    MURDER of house birds


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