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Eight Iconic Chairs That Help You Sit With Style - from Esquire Magazine

Esquire Magazine's "The Big Black Book, Spring/Summer 2011" issue" boasts itself as "The Style Manual for Successful Men". Reading this, I was immediately reminded of the recent lighting and home design collaboration between Foscarini and Diesel fashion label, coined "Successful Living" (read our blog post on this collection, here). It seems that success is highly dependent on style - or so the fashion and design houses would suggest. In our business of some of the most iconic, stylish furniture and home accessories in the history of modern design... who are we to argue? ;)




The magazine issue's index, after 9 pages of glossy dapper men sporting Gucci watches, Ascot Chang suits, and Hermes blousons lists "The Portfolios - How to put yourself together for wherever life takes you." Under Portfolio No. 2: "The Anti-Suit", is a one page article on selecting a stylish man chair. Titled "Take a Seat - Eight iconic chairs that help you sit with style", this article is reminiscent of a product page. I was pleased as punch to see that we offer every single one of the 8 chairs that Esquire features.




#1: LC3 Grand Modele Armchair:



#2: Barcelona Chair:




#3: Eames Soft Pad Lounge Chair:



#4: Swan Chair:




#5: 1006 Navy Armchair:



#6: Wassily Chair:



#7: Aeron Chair:



#8: Womb Chair:


Visit to see these chairs and many many more, here.




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