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Ivan Hansen and Henrik Sørensen founded Hansen & Sørensen in Denmark in 1990. They changed the company’s name to Onecollection in 2007.

The cornerstone of Onecollection is their fervent passion for Danish furniture and design. The company’s furniture collection has drawn on talented Danish furniture architects from the very start. In 1998 Finn Juhl’s widow, Hanne Wilhelm Hansen, asked if they could help her make one of Finn Juhl’s sofas – Model 57, designed in 1957. Hanne Wilhelm Hansen wanted to have a single unit of the sofa produced for an exhibition that she wanted to arrange in honour of Finn Juhl who had passed away in 1989. This was a fantastic challenge and this was the beginning of a new chapter in Onecollection’s history. This initial request has led to Onecollection producing many of Finn Juhl’s designs and they have exclusive rights worldwide.

17 Item(s)

17 Item(s)